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About The Bolin Group

The Bolin Group specializes in helping clients lay the foundation for their future success. Highly skilled in information analysis and application, our methodology enables clients to use their information to build a significant business advantage. Our consultants are experts in communications, organizational strategy, AND standardization, as well as in training and development. The Bolin Group offers its clients the ability to identify and implement customized solutions that meet their market, timing, and budget requirements.

Working with industry and governments around the world, our clients range from Fortune 50 to Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) to start ups across a variety of industries. Our current and past clients include Sun Microsystems, Nortel Networks, Open GIS Consortium (OGC), The Open Group, BEA Systems, Walt Disney, Universal Studios, Sony, Nokia, and the Coleman Institute at the University of Colorado. We are also working with several government organizations, including the US House Subcommittee for Technology, Environment, and Standards, to promote standardization education initiatives through academic and professional training mechanisms.

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