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Our Approach

Perception-Reality Gap

We use a non-intrusive interview based approach and build from the perceptions of the interviewees. By identifying the perception-reality gap, we can help organizations view themselves differently. We then help them to gather, synthesize, and understand the necessary information to move towards an improved position. Most organizations have the information they need to succeed; The Bolin Group makes that information actionable so that perceptions and roles can be restructured to meet new and evolving challenges.

Innervative Information

The Bolin Group has developed the concept of Innervative Information. Innervate is a biological term defined as 1) stimulating to action and 2) supplying with nerves, which deliver and transmit messages. The Bolin Group works with your information to perform both of these functions, stimulating your organization into targeted action based on information analysis and then providing the nerves–communication mechanisms–that effectively permeate your entire organization or target recipients.

Unique Solutions

Our approach allows us to see patterns that help the organization use its information in nontraditional ways to achieve nontraditional results. The solutions we help you to build are cohesive, easy to absorb, meaningful to you, and repeatable so that your customers, your employees, and your management can become part of the solution. Because each customer is unique, The Bolin Group has found that multiple recommendations will help a customer choose the one that is right for an evolving management style. Our goal is to use Innervative Information to build the organization's ability to grow itself in the desired direction.

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