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Communications Strategy Playbook:
Communications can be institutionalized through a Playbook. Many professional sports teams have playbooks to help them act strategically and win. Organizations, which deal with more complex situations, often fail to take advantage of this simple concept–a concept that should be an essential part of a business plan. The Bolin Group creates a Communications Strategy Playbook that speaks to the needs of your target recipients, whether they are internal or external. This Playbook describes your corporate strategy in succinct terms and then provides key messages for identified recipient groups that are repeatable and memorable. These messages are related back to your mission and strategy and those of your target recipient groups. Far from just another sound bite document, the Playbook provides substantial supporting points for each message. Playbooks can also be provided for special events such as conferences or tradeshows, which can be modified to share with other participants such as partners or conference speakers.
Recombinant Thinking:
Recombinant Thinking is a biological term describing a process that produces offspring having combinations of genes different from those of either parent. The Bolin Group defines Recombinant Thinking as collaboration between organizations that leads to innovations different from what each individual organization could produce alone.

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