Creating Open Solutions for Collaborative Advantage

registerCollaborative advantage occurs when greater results are achieved through working together than could be attained through individual efforts. Once thought of as optional, strategic collaboration is now essential to today’s interconnected society and global market. However, it cannot be achieved without openness, the essential element that enables collective action and thinking.

Governments and businesses alike have the opportunity to structure policy and international standardization in a way that achieves openness and maximizes collaborative advantage.

standards_edgePlease join specially selected speakers in an interactive conference to discuss:

  • Developing national policies that impact openness
  • Creating collaborative advantage among nations
  • Leveraging collaborative advantage on a business, industry, and national level
  • Identifying the realities and myths of the current standardization infrastructure
  • Restructuring international standardization to guarantee openness
  • Stimulating economic strength and social benefit through standardization

confrenceWhy You Should Attend this Conference

  1. Gain insight from leading policy makers worldwide on the changing dynamics of world trade and the role of WTO
  2. Discover how issues such as competitiveness, openness, intellectual property rights, and procurement policies affect the world's economic climate
  3. Impact the thoughts and actions of those driving the technical, social, and legal decisions around policy and standardization
  4. Strengthen your ability to strategically create collaborative opportunities
  5. Take advantage of a unique opportunity to form beneficial partnerships with industry, customers, and policy makers