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Targeted Organizational Strategies

The Bolin Group builds on its Information Research, Analysis, and Implementation services to help organizations develop or refine their strategies. Based on an understanding of the client needs and market perceptions, we help structure internal and external expectations of the organization. By placing the organization into the context of its information chain, the mission, goals, and strategies of the organization become more clearly, and correctly-defined. It is at this step that management is provided the first major checkpoint-do the organization's goals and mission fit into the role that the market has assigned? This checkpoint is often illuminating (and occasionally shocking) to management and is the basis for refining, revalidating, or changing the organization's strategy.

Once the mission, goals, and strategy are validated, The Bolin Group helps our clients understand how they can become more effective in their functioning and communications. Far from prescribing to the "one solution fits all model," The Bolin Group provides multiple recommendations and helps our clients choose the ones that best meet their entire situation including goals, resource availability, and market position.

Unlike most consultants, we don't want to be called back to solve the same problem twice. That's why our process looks not only at your current situation, but also identifies areas that may affect your company in the future. And if you want help on the implementation end, we are experts at finding the right structure and resources to help you succeed.

Finally, organizational change cannot be successful without the commitment and aligned abilities of its employees. By helping to train and focus employees on the goals, implementation, and communication of an organization's strategy, the organization's ability to change, to adopt, and to respond should be substantially enhanced.

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