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Strategic Communications

Most academics, journalists, and consultants start with a basic assumption that all people in an organization march in lockstep to a common set of goals, that they are all devoted to maximizing corporate profits, that they can all recite the goal set, and that they are all sort of automatons. The Bolin Group based upon over a decade of research, is profoundly aware that this is not the case. Our studies have convinced us it is rare that more than 15% of a workforce has the same or even coherent goals.

Traditional communications models assume a top down, directed approach to goal setting and communications management. The Bolin Group uses a different, more realistic model in which an organization's communications occur through various, often informal links. By using this model to identify the reality-perception discrepancy within a client's organization or between our client and their market, we identify the causes of that discrepancy. We can then seek to transform and smooth the organizations messaging into a powerful marketing tool. We then work with our clients to deploy that information out to the organization and target audiences.

Strategic Communications Services May Include:

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