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Standardization Strategy Development and Portfolio Management

The Bolin Group has gained a well-deserved reputation as experts in using standardization as a market change agent. Drawing from a network of contacts that go back more than a decade, the Bolin Group helps organizations from commercial entities to the actual standardization groups-effectively use and implement standards and standardization.

Most participants in standardization focus on the process and the creation of standards. The Bolin Group helps organizations understand standardization as a powerful business tool that allows the organization to reassess its competitive position and to change its market reality.

By viewing standardization as an Asset Portfolio, The Bolin Group helps organizations bring their standardization strategy into accord with other organizational activities such as product creation, service provisioning, and manufacturing make-buy decisions. This business approach to standardization enables The Bolin Group to provide each client with the unique package of strategies, implementation plans, and communication methodologies to position their organization in the complex world of standardization.


The Bolin Group standardization services include:

  • Research and analysis on possible standardization (or non-standardization) strategies
  • Standardization strategy development based on business and organizational needs
  • Standardization strategies to deal with customers, partners, peers, competition, or the market generally
  • Standardization program design and execution (marketing, engineering, or management)


The Bolin Group is also the creator of The Standards Edge™ series, which provides strategic standardization insight to leaders in industry, government and academia around the world.

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