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The Standards Edge™ Conferences

The Standards Edge™ conferences explore standardization and the different issues that impact it. The conferences emphasize active participation and are designed to encourage open exchange between those that influence and are affected by standardization. Industry leaders, government, standardizers, academics, and users attend this conference to learn how to both use standardization more effectively and to participate in strengthening this valuable tool worldwide. Conferences are designed and produced by The Bolin Group in conjunction with sponsors chosen to bring different viewpoints to each event. For further information on this series, please contact

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Upcoming Conferences
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Past Conferences
November 6-7, 2008 The Power of Procurement -
November 11, 2007  Digital Inclusion: Accelerating Global Access & Participation through “Open” ICT Access  -
April 17-18, 2007 Building Economic Strength and Social Benefit: Openness as Collaborative Advantage
March 21-22, 2007 Stimulating vs. Stifling: Standardization's Role in Innovation
December 5-7, 2005 Standardization - Unifier or Divider
December 3-4, 2004 The Future Generation: Technical, Social, and Legislative Implications for Standardization -
September 12-14, 2004 Open Source and Open Standards: Maximizing Utility While Managing Exposure -
December 4-5, 2003 Innovation and Legislation: Standardization in Conflict -
December 12-13, 2002 Nature and Future of ICT Standardization Conference -



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