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About The Standards Edge Series

The Standards Edge series is designed to tackle the latest technological and standards issues and their impact on business. The series serves as a valuable resource to:

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The Bolin Group has produced-in conjunction with conferences-a series of books entitled The Standards Edge. Part of the Innervative Information approach developed by The Bolin Group, this series of books provides standardization information from a strategic business perspective. Designed to serve as a resource for using standards in organizational problem solving and strategic planning, the series has earned a place on the bookshelves of leading IT companies, major universities, government organizations, standards setting organizations, and information and communications technology users worldwide. The book, combined with the conferences and the conference analysis provided by The Bolin Group, has served to foster collaboration across company, industry, and national boundaries that stimulates Recombinant Thinking - a key component of innovation. In short, The Standards Edge provides the kindling that leads to new ideas and market opportunities.

The Bolin Group began The Standards Edge development process by identifying content needs and the target audience. Using its base of extensive contacts, we then approached appropriate authors for the book, securing articles in their areas of expertise that were specifically written for the strategic business leader. The Bolin Group managed all aspects of the book including content identification and organization, messaging, editing, graphic layout and design, and creation of the Introduction and Section Summaries. Throughout the process, we applied our Innervative Information philosophy to ensure that the book would meet its ultimate goal-stimulating action.

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