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Book-Link to bookThe Standards Edge: Unifier or Divider?

The Standards Edge: Unifier or Divider? this book will contain articles that discuss the strategies and ramifications of using standardization to unify and/or divide people, markets, geopolitical regions, and technologies. The book will discuss the significance of policy and legal decisions that impact standardization in each of these areas. Ultimately, it looks at standardization as an industrial policy tool that can serve as a method for balancing political, social, economic, and technical needs. Authors from government, industry, standards setting organizations, academia, and the legal community provide insight into how to use and structure standardization to most effectively serve as this critical tool. This book builds upon a Standards Edge conference entitled: Standardization: Unifier or Divider? Speakers and panelists, along with other knowledgeable experts, address and expand upon the conference topics through a collection of articles.

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