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André V. Mendes
Chief Technology Integration Officer, Public Broadcasting Service
James A. Thomas
President, ASTM
Maryfran Johnson
Editor in Chief, Vice President
CIO Decisions Media Group
TechTarget, Inc.

Standardization—the key for opening or closing doors on cooperation

Standardization is a powerful tool that can be used to unify or divide people at every level. Whether standardization unifies or divides a socioeconomic class, a regional market, global trade, or even employees within a company, its strategic use can result in significant economic and social rewards. How this tool is and should be used depends on the situation and the goals of those involved. This interactive conference will examine how standardization can and is being employed to influence global and local markets from the perspectives of industry, nations, geopolitical regions, and groups and classes of people.

Specially selected speakers with an unparalleled knowledge of standardization as it relates to geopolitical, legal, and market dynamics will interact with the audience to discuss:

  • What is open information and communications technology (ICT) standardization?
  • How do different standardization processes serve as unifiers or dividers?
  • How does standardization unify or divide local and global markets?
  • What impact do different approaches to managing intellectual property rights in standardization have on the market, competition, and users?
  • How can standardization be employed to encourage or discourage cooperation?

Why You Should Attend this Conference

  • Gain insight into the changing dynamics of standardization as nations and regions implement new policies and laws to boost local competitiveness
  • Participate in creating a new theory that addresses standardization as an industrial policy tool that can be used as a method for balancing political, social, economic, and technical needs
  • Impact the thoughts and actions of those driving the technical, social, legal, and policy decisions around standardization
  • Strengthen your ability to use standardization strategically in the global marketplace
  • Take advantage of a unique opportunity to form beneficial partnerships with industry, customers, and policy makers