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The Berkeley Center for Law & Technology (BCLT) is an independent research institute at the University of California Berkeley, Boalt Hall School of Law. BCLT oversees Boalt’s unparalleled law and technology program, which, in addition to training future lawyers and scholars, serves as a place where distinguished faculty members from the university, leading lawyers and entrepreneurs and national policymakers exchange ideas about the increasingly important intersection of law and technology. As BCLT has grown, it has broadened its mission beyond the intellectual property core to encompass antitrust, electronic commerce, entertainment law, biomedical ethics, telecommunications regulation, cyberlaw, privacy and many other areas of constitutional and business law that are affected by new information technologies.

BCLT has developed the most comprehensive and innovative program in law and technology in the world. Its mission is to foster beneficial and ethical advancement of technology by promoting the understanding and guiding the development of intellectual property and related fields of law and policy as they intersect with business, science and technology.

Institute for Economic Policy Research
The Institute for Economic Policy Research (IEPR) was established in 2004 to promote high quality, empirically grounded policy oriented economic research at USC. IEPR's main goal is to support, enhance, and promote research activities of the faculty and students, and to facilitate sustained discussion of theoretical and economic policy issues of domestic and global importance. The Institute will host scholars from the United States and abroad, and establish links with leading universities worldwide and the business community in California. The Institute organizes conferences, lectures, public seminars. It also sponsors workshops and promotes collaborative interdisciplinary scholarship intended to contribute to a broad understanding of economic policy within and outside the academy.

IEPR Research Groups
The Institute currently supports three major research groups—Applied Microeconomics/Empirical Industrial Organization (IO), Econometrics (applied and theoretical), and International Development and Finance. With its world renowned groups of scholars, the Institute puts its interdisciplinary knowledge to work as a prominent contributor to the marketplace of ideas.

The Economic Policy Research Center is a forum for economic policy discussions vital to the Northwest. The purpose is to engage public and private sector stakeholders with University of Washington faculty to clarify and improve economic content of public policy.

Economic policy affects diverse regional constituencies. The center seeks multidisciplinary alliances with Research Fellows to broaden its perspective. The Center is a resource to the region, providing access to policy design solutions for researchers and practitioners alike.

The Shidler Center for Law, Commerce and Technology at the University Of Washington identifies and analyzes the impact of technological change on law, and examines the roles of innovation, incentives and competition in transforming domestic and global markets and legal institutions. The Center engages in national and international policy debates through active collaboration with local leaders, and recommends balanced strategies for managing the convergence of law and technology in local, national and global arenas.  For more information about Shidler Center events, please visit www.law.washington.edu/lct.

The Shidler Journal for Law, Commerce & Technology is an online-only publication that provides cutting-edge and practical articles covering issues at the intersection of business law and technological innovation. Student editors actively collaborate with an external advisory board comprised of leading attorneys in technology law fields. For more information about the eJournal, subscriptions and to read full articles, please visit www.lctjournal.washington.edu.

Phelps Centre for the Study of Government and Business
The purpose of the Phelps Centre for the Study of Government and Business is to support theoretical and applied research into the role of governments in the Canadian economy and into the relationship between government and business in Canada. The Centre is sponsored by the Sauder School of Business at UBC. Research will be directed towards both normative questions about the way governments should operate to serve best their constituents and positive questions about the causes and effects of actual government activities.

The Centre serves its mandate through a number of activities including the support of research through, for example, small research grants, commissioned papers and conferences. The Centre will also support research through dissemination activities, including its own working paper series, other publications, a seminar series and the establishment of a public web site.

Open Country
Open Country is about delivering choice; choice in systems management, operating systems, applications and service models. Our technology significantly lowers the cost of managing an Open Source infrastructure and provides for collaborative outsourcing of support, delivery of updates, and shared repositories of solution stacks. Open Country's products leverage the IT skill set of the people by making management of a thousand systems as easy as it is to manage one. Open Country's products enable companies like Sun, Cisco and Intel to lower the cost of managing their Linux systems. Currently, Open Country supports the widest range of distributions in the industry with support for the 15 leading Linux distributions.