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The Standards Edge: Unifier or Divider?

The Standards Edge: Unifier or Divider? will contain a collection of articles that examine standardization as it serves to unify and to divide industry, nations, geopolitical regions, and classes of people. The articles will discuss strategies and ramifications of using standardization in each of these areas and will include the significance of policy and legal decisions that impact standardization. Ultimately, this book looks at standardization as an industrial policy tool that can be a method for balancing political, social, economic, and technical needs. Authors from government, industry, standards setting organizations, academia, and the legal community provide insight into how standardization can be used and structured to most effectively serve as a critical tool. This valuable book, which covers but also expands beyond the conference topics, will be distributed to conference participants and key decision-makers in business, government, academia, and standardization throughout the world in 2006.

About The Standards Edge™ Series
The Standards Edge™ series is designed to tackle the latest technological and standards issues and their impact on business. The series serves as a valuable resource to:

  • Numerous Global 500 organizations, including AT&T, Hewlett Packard, Nokia, Mitsubishi, Microsoft, AOL Time Warner, and Sun Microsystems
  • Senior government representatives in the US Congress, the Federal Communications Commission, the European Union, and Japan’s Ministry of Economics, Trade, and Industry (METI also distributed the book to Japan’s top economists), among others
  • Leading educational institutions such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University, Georgetown University, Harvard Business School, UC Berkeley, Delft University of Technology, and the University of Oslo

Previous volumes in the series include:

The Standard Edge

The Standards Edge: Dynamic Tension

The Standards Edge: Open Season

The Standards Edge: Future Generation

For further information on The Standards Edge series and to view analyses of previous conferences, please visit http://www.thebolingroup.com.